Who We Are

Simply stated, we’re family.

Our homemade meatloaf is one of the kids’ favorite meals.

In 1979, a teacher started Good Food, and our mom worked there. Then in 1986, our mom bought this small catering company. It was a risk, but she had an ambition to feed daycare children the way she fed her own – healthy and homemade. All four of her kids helped out through the years, and today they’re all still involved in some facet of the business. Through the decades, we’ve watched our small catering company grow into something much bigger, but always with the same goal of healthy food.

We understand the importance of environmental concerns that go hand-in-hand with feeding the next generation. So at Good Food we do our best to be a responsible company.

  • All new compact fluorescent bulbs and all low-flow toilets
  • Programmable thermostats to conserve energy when the building is empty
  • All of our printer paper is 100% recycled paper
  • Six tons of steel recycled annually; more cardboard recycled than we can even quantify
  • Delivery routes designed to reduce mileage and gas usage; larger vans, but less of them
  • Produce is from local farms when possible, reducing fuel use for long-distance shipping

Of course, now all us kids have kids of our own. And yes – some of them are learning the ropes. That’s three generations of dedication to Good Food.