What We Do

Mainly, we feed delicious, nutritious lunches to thousands of children. But for those lunch customers, we also offer breakfast and snack options, too. Every morning, 20 vans head out to deliver our meals across the D.C./Baltimore region. Need paper products? No problem – we can deliver those, too.


Our popular mac and cheese has six ingredients – and you can pronounce all of them.

You won’t find a lot of additives and preservatives in the meals we deliver to local daycares and preschools – because we cook from scratch. Good Food cooks up nutritious, well balanced meals with far less processed foods than other caterers. Of course, we deliver what you’d expect (and laws require) – fruits and veggies every day.

  • We only buy milk from dairies that don’t use bovine growth hormones.
  • Our cooks grind the chicken and beef right here onsite, using absolutely no scraps. Our meat is fresh, safe, and delicious. It costs us more, but the benefits are evident.
  • Whenever possible, we buy fresh produce from local farmers.
  • From time to time we may use a few canned items, but our veggies are fresh or frozen.
  • We insist on whole wheat pastas, brown rice, and breads with several different grains and seeds.
  • We introduce new textures and flavors to children as nutritional options become more readily available in the market (farrow, quinoa, etc.).


The Good Food breakfast program is about healthy, but very convenient food. We don’t make our breakfasts from scratch, but of course they do meet all USDA requirements. The food features low-sugar cereal three days a week, and muffins or bagels twice a week. Fresh fruit full of vitamins and energy is always part of our breakfasts. We’ll bring breakfast daily, so you don’t need a big storage area for days’ worth of food. Best of all, we’ll do all the menu planning, ordering, stocking, etc…leaving you with more time for lesson planning. (Only available to customers in our lunch program.)


Our snacks are kid-friendly, USDA-approved, and ready to eat. Fruit is packed in juice, not heavy syrup, and we try to stick to whole wheat everything. If you’re already a lunch customer, then just one call to Good Food and we’ve got you covered for breakfast and snack, too! (Only available to customers in our lunch program.) 

Paper Products

We can bring you everything you need to serve breakfast, lunch, and snack – at very competitive prices and with no minimum order. Since we’re already loading up a van with your meal, it’s easy for us to include as many or as few items you need. (Only available to customers in our lunch program.)

Wait List

Good Food often has a short wait list for new customers. To add your school to the wait list, email us or call 703 527-2095.